Thanks to modern technology, it is entirely possible to live through the dead of winter in a home that feels like it’s midsummer. While that has a lot to do with your furnace and heating system, good insulation is the real key to staying warm in the winter months. In this reading, we take you through what you will need to keep your home insulated for maximum warmth in the winter months. Proper home insulation is multifaceted. Your walls, your roof, and your windows all need to be insulated in order to effectively hold heat inside the building. For each of these areas, there are simple and affordable products, as well as methods to create thorough insulation.

It’s estimated that as much as 40% of your home’s heat is lost through the ceiling. This makes sense, as warm air rises, and without good insulation to stop it, it will simply dissipate upwards and outwards. The best way to overcome this is with a great roof insulation system. Most insulation offerings now-a-days are variations on blown-in fiberglass insulation solutions. The best among these is Atticat. Thousands of glass fibers are blown into your attic space, forming a powerful insulating layer. This is a tried and tested insulation method, guaranteed to reduce the energy costs of your attic by a considerable margin.


Uninsulated walls are not quite as costly as roofs, but they do have an impact on your heat and energy bills nevertheless. The best way to solve this problem is with a blown-incellulose wall filling. These dense fillings not only provide great insulation, but they also offer increased durability and safety in the event of a fire.


Windows are another source of energy loss, because, let’s face it, it’s very hard to insulate glass or keep it warm. New technology has made it much easier to keep the warm air in. How? First came double glazing, and now, new frame, lintel, sash, and latch designs also help to increase energy efficiency. Young Construction offers a wide selection of the latest and greatest in this regard, with expert-designed and robustly built vinyl frames, that increase your home’s energy efficiency for life. If you want to increase your home’s insulation through any and/or all of these measures, contact Young Construction to discuss the requirements.

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