As fall and winter approach, homeowners need to start looking for new ways to save on their home heating costs. One of the easiest ways to reduce energy bills is by improving home insulation. Unfortunately, almost 90 percent of homes do not have enough attic insulation. Ensuring you have sufficient home insulation not only improves your home’s energy-efficiency, but it also keeps your family comfortable year-round. According to the U.S. Department of Energy your home heating and cooling system accounts for about 48 percent of your home energy use. If your home is insulated well, you can reduce that amount by as much as 50 percent.

Examining Insulation Issues

There are a wide range of issues that can significantly reduce your home insulation’s lifespan and require reinforcement or even replacement. These factors include water and storm damage to your roof, mold growing on the insulation, holes, or a buildup of dirt and dust.

For a full assessment of the health of your home insulation, it is critical to have an expert, experienced and certified home insulation contractor like the team at Young Construction conduct an inspection and provide a detailed report outlining issues and solutions.

When to Replace Home Insulation

Issues to look for include constantly fluctuating home temperatures, difficult making your home temps comfortable, drafts inside the home, high energy bills, or water spots on the ceiling. Weak insulation can also affect the health of the people in the home. Aging, damaged, or inadequate insulation can grow mold, allergens, and bacteria.

Other factors that may include frequent leaks, condensation, or other moisture issues, problems with pests and rodents, and insulation that is wet, thin, shifting, breaking down, or falling.

Types of Insulation
  • Blown-in Insulation

Blown-in insulation blows smaller pieces of fiberglass or cellulose insulation into your attic through a large home. A major benefit of blown-in insulation is that by blowing the small, fluffy pieces of insulation into your attic space, you will cover every inch, every area regardless of shape or size, providing a thick layer of insulation. If your home has insulation, blown-in insulation is an easy, effective way to add on top of the insulation.

  • Batts Insulation

Batt insulation is typically stored in rolls, has various thickness levels, and is made of fiberglass, cellulose, material wool, or cotton. One challenge of using batts home insulation is that it is not versatile in fitting in complicated spaces, which can lead to air leaks and mold from condensation.

  • Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is a reliable option for filling small gaps and cracks around doors, windows, and vents. It expands after application and sets as it dries. A benefit of spray foam insulation is that it provides a solid barrier that prevents dirt of moisture from collecting.

Picking the Right Home Insulation

There are several factors to consider when deciding on the right home insulation solution. Most of the factors depend on your attic, such as the space, the size, and the number of penetrations and small gaps that need to be filled with insulation.

The most efficient and effective home insulation solution available for our customers in the Iowa and Minnesota market is Blown-In insulation for several reasons:

  • Durable = specially designed to never settle
  • Protective = Resistant to moisture, fungus, and mold growth
  • Quick = Fast, effective installation within a few hours
  • Simple = Easily covers existing insulation
  • All- inclusive = Fills in every nook and cranny in the attic space
  • Non-combustible = Will not ignite, burn, or release flammable vapors when exposed to fire or heat
  • Cost-Effective = Provides the best return on investment – saving you more money, faster

As an Owens Corning Top of the House Certified Contractor, the local home insulation experts at Young Construction provide free consultations that provide thorough, transparent, and effective home insulation solutions.

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