Don’t wait to get a roof replacement in Waverly, IA if it is in poor condition and no longer protecting your home. Your roof not only protects your loved ones residing in the home, but also your valuable belongings and the house itself. A leaky roof will allow dust, dirt and other contaminants to enter the home. More importantly, water can leak in and compromise the structural integrity of the home. In worst-case situations, the damage can be so severe that it’s irreversible.

If you need a new roof in Waverly, it’s important to consider the benefits that different shingles can offer. Young Construction can present you with several options that are most suitable for your home and help you narrow down your options. We’ll look at the pros and cons of each shingle type, its durability and strengths, as well as its disadvantages. Our team will take your needs, expectations and budget in mind when making recommendations, and you can always count on us for honest, transparent advice. We have worked with all types of shingles and can provide you with some incredibly useful insight.