Sherwood Windows

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Sherwood custom wood replacement windows and doors artfully combine the warmth of finely crafted wood with the advanced performance of vinyl. The results are perfect union of distinctive beauty and superior technology… Sherwood Replacement Windows and Doors.

The key to Sherwood custom replacement windows and doors is the patented TimberView Technology. This “float” method of joining together specially designed wood and vinyl profiles needs no adhesives or fasteners. This technology allows the vinyl to expand and contract with temperature fluxuations without causing the wood and vinyl to separate. And, with a fully fusion welded vinyl frame and sash, there is no potential moisture build up behind the wood. No other wood window technology comes close.


Sherwood Replacement Windows and Doors invite you to individually customize the look of every room in your home.With a wide variety of window styles and options, you create the ambience you desire for each living space in your home.

Installing ENERGY STAR qualified windows and doors, like Sherwood, shrinks energy bills-and carbon footprints- by 7-24% compared to non-qualified products. Sherwood Windows and Doors are available with various IntelliGlass options to meet ENERGY STAR requirements for our Northern climate zone. Sherwood Windows are backed by a strong transferable Lifetime Warranty for as long as you live in your home. This non-prorated warranty covers vinyl, glass, screens, hardware, and accidental glass breakage.