We’re Giving Away A Free Roof To A Homeowner In Need!

Nominations are currently being narrowed down and available to be voted on from September 18th to the 23rd.

Nominations are in, and now our dedicated team is hard at work, reviewing each heartfelt submission. We’ve been touched by the stories of homes and families in need, and we’re excited to bring you the opportunity to help us decide who deserves a brand-new roof as the winner of YC Cares Roof Rescue 2023!

Starting September 18th, cast your vote and join us in giving a deserving homeowner the gift of a new roof. Together, we can make a real impact and provide peace of mind to someone in our community.

The winner will be announced on September 28th! 


Entry 1: Dianne

The first pick is Dianne Cooley from Lake Mills, Iowa. Dianne is a retired widow of two years who lives off of social security. She helps raise her granddaughter while her son drives a semi truck. Her roof is 20 years old and has been patched twice.

Entry 2: Spencer

Spencer Bryan is 23 years old and works at Casey’s as kitchen manager. Spencer and his fiancé bought the home in 2021 as a fixer upper. The shingles are breaking off and cracking. The home is 100 years old. They have had to replace everything in the home from the doors to the electrical and have much more to do. Receiving a roof would knock off a huge part of his to-do list and ensure that he and his future family would have a safer place to live.

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